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Wednesday, April 7, wine tour in Sonoma area. Sunny and high temperature of 74. Well, this was quite a day going from winery to winery. Somebody has to do it. So this is how it went. We were picked up at our Inn at 10:30 in the morning along with 3 other people, and were whisked to the Rodney Strong Winery by 11:30. Five minutes after we arrived we had wine in our hand. Now I have had so Rodney Strong wine before, but it was more the $10. to $15. a bottle variety. What we were tasting was the $30. to $40. a bottle stuff, and it was great. Then we tried $75. a bottle wine. Wow!! After the tasting, we were taken on a tour of the vineyard and the wine making process. Rodney Strong is a big volume business and grows all their own grapes. I learned that there are grape growers and there are wine makers and not too often are there both. Next we went to Christopher Creek Winery that grows about 50% of their grapes. There we sampled some more wines that were way above my self-imposed purchase cut point. Again, most were delicious. We had tasted about 15 wines at this point; so, we decided it was time for lunch. After lunch we were back at the tasting bar of yet another winery and then another after that. Both wineries grew none of their own grapes but instead bought them all. Again, expensive, but good!! We were into 5:30 and our guide said he was willing to take us to more, but we decided to stop right there. I guess I tasted over 30 wines, and at that point could not say which was the best or even the better or the worst For me, this is kind of the way wine tastings go. I did enjoy the day and found, that in general, what wine is to Californians is different than what wine is to Easterners. Here wine seems to be a food that a meal is built around. Californians have explained to me that they would much rather use their money to purchase a pricey wine and eat at home, than use that money to eat out. I don’t think that is true back east. Maybe when one lives in it (wine) all his/her life, this is what naturally happens. The day was full, so supper was quick and easy, pasta. Tomorrow, into San Francisco and see what it is all about.

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