Panama and Colombia - Winter 2010 travel blog

Capitol building covered in ants (art project)!

Busy Easter Friday

Show at the bullring (+ next one)


Exhibit at Gold Museum (+ next one)



Sculpture on roof and Cerro de Monserrate in the background

Presidential buildings

Transmilenio - new bus system that works like a metro

Fountain in Plaza Santander

Clowns on Easter day

Mural near my hotel

Avenida Jimenez - build on top of a river

Part of Bogota seen from Cerro de Monserrate


Tiny alley with wall art

Typical Spanish courtyard at Casa de la Moneda

Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Carmen (I think...)

Plaza Bolivar

Catedral Primada in Plaza Bolivar

Well, this trip is almost over. I'm flying home tomorrow morning. I'm writing this in a crowded internet cafe with slow USB ports and so so connection, so I'll wait until I get home to add pictures.

I've been in Bogota since Thursday night. My first impression of the city wasn't great but it's gotten better over time. Bogota is a city of 8 million people; it's huge. It's also the third highest capital in South America, at 2600 metres. It rains pretty much every afternoon around 4:00. As a matter of fact, it's pouring rain right now and I can feel some spray through the open door!

Most of my time has been spent in La Candelaria, which is the Spanish colonial district. Bogota was founded in 1538 so it's pretty old. There are enough museums, churches, plazas and cafes here to keep you busy for days. I visited the Gold museum, the biggest of its kind in the world (I think), the Botero Museum, the Money Museum (Casa de la Moneda). Yesterday I took the cable car to the top of Cerro de Monserrate, a neighbouring mountain with a church on top and great views over the city. At first I thought that being here during Easter week-end would be bad, but in fact it's been very interesting with parades, people taking to the streets (which are closed to traffic) and lots of merriment.

In contrast, today was a normal working day, and the streets were full of cars and business people.

On Friday afternoon I also met up with a local Bogotano, the brother of a friend from Toronto, and he took me to a show at the Plaza de Toro (bull ring). It was part of the Theatre Festival, and the show consisted of acrobat dancers, lights and music, some of them doing their thing on rings that were being lowered onto the stage by a crane. Quite spectacular but it's easier to explain with pictures so wait for them.

What else... I also did a free walking tour, checked out a few churches, took tons of pictures, and well, I'm ready to come home. :)

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