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Lake Meade near Camp site

Some of the Marina Area

Some National Parks are in the middle of nowhere......and some are quite close to cities. I prefer the ones far away unless we are only there Mon through Thur, because Fridays the weekenders show up! Boulder Beach is on Lake Meade and only a stones throw from Boulder City, which in turn is only 30 miles from Las Vegas!!

The parks sites could used by either RV's or tent people. On Friday a family pitched a tent directly behind us complete with foul language and loud music. I don't know if they were told but, the music didn't last too long. They had small children and a dog (which they tied to a tree just out of reach of the group... so the poor thing just sat there and stared, but wasn't included...(I like to think people who do that to dogs will be a dog with the same kind of owner in their next life).... so they stayed up late and chatted around the fire. We have a CD that plays ocean waves for just such situations. Next day I think every Boy Scout troop in the area came to stay for Sat night...... There were boys everywhere. Most people were respectful and quiet but boys will be boys..... never saw so many bikes and kids!!!! Some man was trying to walk his large dog and the kids were all over him...."Hey Mister, can I pet your dog"?.... the dog was bigger than some of the kids!!

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