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Marina from the Trail to the Dam

Overlooking the Dam Side - At least 100+ feet to water level

One of the 5 Tunnels to the Dam

Another - within a Mountain itself

Now, that's an "overflow hole"!!!

LAKE Water has to rise 75' to get to that "Overflow hole"!!!

Looking from Damm up Lake Meade

The WHITE on the moutain is how high the water of the...

Looking at the Water Exit - there are cars & vans down...

Cars & Vans are really down there!!

Death March to Hoover Dam!!

Boulder Beach is right on the other side of Hoover Dam. We stopped at the Visitor Center and picked up the pamphlets explaining all the groovy stuff to do there.

We read about a few hikes and one caught Bernie's eye because it ended at Hoover Dam (he was still a quiver!!). He wanted to take the tour and hear all the cool facts. The hike was described in the pamphlet as being on the old train path that was built to take supplies to the dam site when it was being built and had 5 tunnels cut through the mountains. It also said it was 12.5 miles round trip, so we figured we would just go through a few tunnels and turn around when we got tired. When we got to the head of the trail the sign said it was only 1 mile to the first tunnel and 3.5 miles to the dam. The trail beginning was 2 miles from our RV site so we had scooted over in our shorts and tees (oh... and I always wear boots on the scoot so I don't hit the hot tail pipe ...boots don't look so good with plaid Bermudas so, ...yup... burnt my calf on the hot tail pipe before we got out of the parking lot)!! I had a hip pack with two bottles of water,first aide stuff and extra socks and Bernie had a backpack with food and a blankie (for an impromptu picnic?!)so we were prepared for anything. Up the hill we go ...... beautiful views of the lake and marina. First tunnel "groovy" ...2nd tunnel "cool" literally (nice)....third tunnel (discussion on all the work to just build a way to take stuff to the dam site). We have passed a few people and a couple tells us they walked all the way to the dam and had lunch and were on their way back. All they had with them was a bottle of water and a camera.

Ok...I know I like to prepare for everything when I hike......but......I was feeling way silly after seeing them! This couple was all happy and chipper so, "Hey..how about we do that?" (just change it to dinner - we didn't start till 1 - heat of the day!!). Off we go....tunnel 4 (cool - feels good)....tunnel 5.......opens to what looks like a storage area.....the trail signs beckon us onward...around the corner ....up a hill ...around a corner....up a hill...down a hill - we pass a family where the father is picking on the 12 year old son because he is tired and going too slow...we just laugh (but I was feeling it myself - not that I admitted it!!...under all the electric towers ...around a corner ....through a little opening in the rocks and behold...a very long ramp down to the parking garage...where (Thank God), they had an elevator!! We are both tired but we wander around and look at the dam...take pictures...eat our food...then finally sit down. We were too exhausted to take the tour (Original plan!?!?!)..... So, we decided to scoot over early in the morning. We sat for a few and rested. Got up to take pics of cool sculptor then decided to head back.

Up the elevator in the parking garage...up the ramp...up the hill....through the electric towers...around the corner...up the hill...around the corner...up the hill...OK, down a hill...around a corner and tunnel 5 (nice and cool)....tunnel 4 (man and young girl sitting against the wall...she is playing in the dirt and he looks whipped...he was fine - just resting)...between the tunnels, the path was about 10 feet wide with steep slopes off either side...tunnel 3...(maybe we should sit for awhile??)...tunnel 2... (oh my Goddd - are we there yet?!?!!?)....tunnel 1....(woohooo)...we still have to trudge down the hill to the scoot (and being city folk we always joke - "hope it's still there"). OK - ...wow, that must have been forever - "How long did that really take?" ..........total round trip...3 1/2 hours....I would like to say in our defense, we were at a high altitude and everyone will tell you if your not used to it...you get tired way fast....Really.... Plus, I would like to add we drank all of the water and ate most of the food...we didn't need the socks or first aide stuff only because I brought it along....works every time!

Note: The next day we were so wiped - we did nothing...and Bernie lost all desire to tour Hoover Dam (darn ;>)

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