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Fez and Marrakesh are too intense for a couple of softies from SE Asia, so we decided on the smallest imperial city, Meknes to get a flavor of Morocco's history. And what better way than to stay in a Riad (historical home)in the middle of the Medina (ancient walled city) on your anniversary.

The Riad was as beautiful as advertised, the lanes of the Medina impossibly narrow and with the usual cast of characters - those interested in you and those interested in your money, we settled in for a wonderful day.

How's the weather you ask - absolutely freezing. Meknes is in the foothills of the Rif mountains and we pile on layers of clothes that were way too hot to wear individually in SE Asia. We are still cold! "Where's that campfire now" we ask!

Dinner was at Oumnia restaurant, which was not so much a restaurant as sitting in someone's home being served a wonderful meal. Quite a treat!

And at the end of the day, two yanks felt very fortunate to be able to spend our anniversary in such a beautiful and historical setting.


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