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Fabled, beautfiul and chaotic - Casablanca, or Casa.

One thing that is immediately clear - we have left the boiler room called SE Asia and entered the refridgerator unit called Springtime in Morocco. It must be 25 degrees cooler and every piece of warm clothing has beed dusted off and put to use. Another thing that is clear, which we were warned about, is that the locals will unabashedly try to extract as much money from you as they possibly can. Clearly, we became very soft in SE Asia, and need to toughen up!

Our hotel had fantastic views of our neighborhood, when the pidgeons weren't trying to fly through the closed window. On the street, we chatted with all kinds of wonderful people..in our best pidgeon French, bet on the horse races and ate some incredible food. And before you know it, you quickly get a sense of who is genuine and who is trying to fleece you.

But no sooner had we arrived and it was time to go - Meknes and our anniversary is upon us.

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