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Overooking the Dam from the East side going West

Bridge to Nowhere!!

Traffic, Traffic & More Traffic before the Dam

Someday ??? It will be completed!!

Beautiful Carving of a 1930's "Cliff Hanger"

We moved to the upper level of the campground for the paving ...set up and had breakfast. We weren't thrilled with the noise or the smell of the paving, so we decided to leave and try another camp on a different part of the lake. We would have to go over Hoover to get there and Bernie was all a quiver with anticipation of seeing the dam...he is such a guy!! Signs on the way warned of blasting in the dam area...so we were surprised when we stopped in a line of traffic for about 45 minutes (we ate lunch...one of the perks of driving your house around). Even after we started to move it was slow and took forrreeevvvvvvverrrrrr to get to the second reason for the traffic...a police check point. You are no longer allowed to drive a commercial truck, rental truck or trailer over the dam - pretty much anything commercial is forbidden. The campers and RV's were pulled off to the side so an officer could check them inside and out. Bernie got out to open all of the basement doors and I stayed inside while an officer petted and talked to me about Minnie ....then walked to the back, peeked in the commode room (??), then went out the door...... then back in line, bumper to bumper over the dam.

They are building an alternate route so only foot traffic will go over the dam in the future...and I mean future ...they STARTED IN 2003 and a local told us they say every year it will be completed in Oct or Nov...one big official sign had a question mark on the completion date!! We Passed 3 bridges to nowhere on the way (I mean literally ...a bridge half built into the side of a hill?!?). The second road was only dirt. Really weird, they would build a bridge over the highway we were on..... but it went into a side of a mountain?!!?!?! Really, it did!!!

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