Where in the World are Bernie & Karen?? travel blog

Entrance to Lake Meade - about 10 miles in!!

Kept Teasing us - it was still MILES away!!

"Temple Bar" in Lake Meade - really pretty!

Campground to water - mile!?!?

Small Peak next to lake

Bernie Cooking Pancakes on the Griddle

From Kingman we drove to a campground listed in our book. It is an Arizona State Park on Lake Meade. The lake was created when Hoover Dam was built in the 30's. It is a huge lake; but, in the middle of the desert! So, to get to most of it, you have to drive for miles on windy roads that seem to take the longest, most roundabout way possible to get to the edge of the Lake!! We saw lots of evidence of our tax dollars at work. At the entrance to the park (we are talking a road into nothing desert - rolling hills of sand and bushes)is an almost completed cement gate house with a 5ft wall on either side (I guess you couldn't just go 10ft into the sand and drive around) and huge flood lights to illuminate the parking area. Now, keep in mind, I have never seen a Federal/National/State park gate house that was open after 5pm!!! I suppose all of this is to create revenue to pay for the gate attendant and the electricity to light the parking areas!??! We drove on ...and on...... and on......for 23 miles till we reached the camp ground. It was on what once was the edge of the lake, but now was about mile up a hill. Little further down was a Marina office and cafe. They offered a free taxi to the water for the

boaters (It took us about 15 - 18 minutes to walk down...longer on the way back up). Bernie was fascinated by the pier system because they were all held in place by cables on winches that allowed for dramatic changes in the water level. An employee at the marina told us in the 80"s the water was so high they were tying boats to the Palm trees on their

patio...now they had to drive to the edge...crazy..... the lake was at 1101' (above sea level) but has been as high as 1232' (above sea Level) Hopefully, some of the pictures will show how high it has been..... incredible since it is such a MASSIVE lake..... the white wash on the sides of cliffs and hills will show that it has been another 100' higher!!

More of our tax money was being spent paving the camp ground roads and sites. The camp had 153 site and only about 6 sites were taken. There were no signs on the long

road in (23 miles at 25 MPH maximum!!), saying the park was "under repair" so we asked the maintenance guy "why so empty?" and He said that normally the park would be almost full ...He didn't know why this year it wasn't. We have noticed on our travels lots of empty campgrounds...? Maybe the economy has hit all the people with campers way harder then we thought...if you have a house payment, car payment and an RV payment????.....the RV will stay parked or sold???? We found a spot in the first row of sites knowing in the morning we would have to leave - so they could pave that section...aahh your government at work?!?!?!?!!?

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