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The three foot vine snake! Off the Luna Deck!

I am at the dinner table 4 feet away with my chips!

This is the white faced monkey.

My beach for Pipa Coconuts & cane water.

We saw them live , at the pizza shop.

Lets go 4 by 4 ing , check out the snorkel kit!

Off to Tito's place in the old Landrover!

Some tight corners on the bumpy dirt road!

Tito leads the way to his jungle home.

Pretty darn nice pad!! @@

We had beer and avacotto dip on this deck!

Right foot first to the look out! Nice , Thanx Tito for...

A live anteater of the Luna deck!!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Up the dirt road in Landrover style.....

(MP4 - 1.78 MB)

Off the Luna deck , my first anteater, I am in my...

Up at the usual six o'clock with our last day in Montezuma. I am going to miss the wake up calls of the birds and monkeys. It is a very unique place and the beaches and animals and everything in-between are amazing. We started the day with an incident of our veranda, kitchen common area. A lizard almost was the breakfast of this vibrant green vine snake, about three feet long, but lucky for the lizard that hung for its life for over 40 min, it was to much of a mouthful for this snake and it dropped away. Then we were entertained by a family of white faced monkey's for a few hours. They are bandits unlike the howlers, Smelling our breakfast and watching and playing in the trees hoping to steal some food. Brad feed then some of his chips and now the action started happening, great entertainment. We got more awesome monkey videos. Then down town to meet Tito who lives hear at Montezuma. We had meet him five years previous when we first visited Costa Rica. We took a drive with him to his home, met his wife and many cats dogs and even a turtle. He has a beautiful home in the jungle built maybe 15 years ago, lots of water so every thing is very lush and beautiful. The house is open design, with different levels made of different woods, very cool. Drove us back to town after dark, bought my silver ring from Argentine guy, had dinner over the ocean and full moon, nice breeze. Went back up our killer hill and 100 steps to Luna Llena hotel. The night guard called us over to see an armadillo, so cool. chased it around to get pics in the jungle bushes, Brad in thongs, yikes, glad it was not me, I just give him directions........Then he hurried us to the other side of the property to see an ant eater about six feet long, we couldn't believe our luck..........Rox May be last update as tomorrow we are off to Liberia * The Hilton* at eight in the morning. It is an expensive hotel with a pool. Last thing the town of Montezuma is out of water and tonight is the last sale of beer all over Costa Rica as it is Easter and no alcohol sales for two days!!! What the heck. Brad.

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