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It's been an incredibly depressing week so I won't bore you with all of the details, just a quick overview....

Even though the Ford dealership has continually lied, cheated and in general ripped us off, our truck is currently running. You might remember that we had 7 new injectors installed in Phoenix on the 9th of March. When we left Phoenix on the 10th we hadn't traveled over 100 miles before we had the exact engine diagram/light back on the dash again! After just paying a $3000 bill I'm sure you can understand why we were very frustrated.

Since that date we've replaced the fuel injector module (which was the real issue the whole time) pulled the 7 injectors back out of our truck & supposedly re-installed 'our' 7 injectors. Of course, two of them turned out to be bad. So, we tore the truck down again and purchased two new injectors at a cost of $1100.

A note of interest, the dealership 'assured' us that they returned 'our' injectors when we returned theirs to them for a refund. But don't you find it interesting that when two of them turned out to be bad and had to be replaced we discovered they are remanufactured injectors stamped '04remans'. In other words, either we were not given 'our' injectors or Ford installed remans as original equipment. And we've got verificiation back from Ford that that could not be true. Absolute proof that they were indeed not 'our' injectors.

Since this dealership has been extremely uncooperative, all the way to the owner, we have been forced to involve Ford Corporation in our 'fight'. And we don't like to fight. We find it depressing. But we refuse to be victims. And we hope our fight will prevent many of you from being victims from unscrupulous repairs as well. I'll keep you posted as our efforts for justice move forward.

On the plus side, just this morning we finally found the brake issue we've suffered with for almost a year. We've replaced everything from the plug, the pigtail, new wiring from the hitch to the left front tire and a new factory installed brake controller. Today we replaced the wiring inside both axles and voila! Success....A good day to be sure!

Our friends Dick and Lou are still in the area and they've been a real support through this nightmare with transportation, meals and just general moral boosting. We appreciate them so much. We are back at Dead Horse State Park as of this afternoon and hopefully we'll finally get back out into nature. We're in such a beautiful area. We did a wonderful GPS tour in Sedona one day last week, but frankly, I just haven't felt much like posting. But I'll get that done tomorrow. I think you'll enjoy seeing the cliff dwellings, pictographs and the beautiful scenery in the area.

Thanks for checking in...

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