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What the streets are made of

Typical roofs

Set lunch - all this for $3.50

A great French bakery!

Church at night

Kronosaurus fossil

I'm still in Villa de Leyva, leaving tomorrow for San Gil.

The last few days have been rather lazy. I changed hotel yesterday because I got scared by the aggressive demeanour of a dog on the way to my other hostel which was rather out of the way. Now I'm right in the centre of town and can go out for dinner easily.

So what do I do all day? Eat, drink, read the paper (harder to find than you would expect, and I'm talking about a Spanish paper here), look around shops, sit in the park, etc. My main frustration is that places always seem to be closed. Or they open at seemingly erratic hours (and of course schedules are not posted on the door).

I haven't really met other travellers in this town, partly my fault, but this has had the advantage to improve my Spanish because I'm not yakking in English with people all the time. I'm glad to see that I can understand most of what I read in the paper, and most of what I hear on TV. Understanding real people is still a bit of a challenge though, because they half swallow their words!

Last night I had dinner in a nice restaurant (a bit disappointed by the food though) which had live music. This cute guy was playing the guitar and singing love songs. I noticed a ring on his left hand so I figured he was married. Then he got a call on his cell phone, which I'm guessing was from his girlfriend (from what he said). Then I remembered that it's common for latino men to have a wife and at least one girlfriend!

This morning I took a mini-bus 6 kms down the road to a local attraction called El Fosil. It's basically a small museum displaying the largest and best preserved fossil of a kronosaurus (a prehistoric reptile from 120 million years ago). This region used to be under water during prehistoric times and it's full of fossils, especially snail-like creatures. You can even see them in the sidewalks!

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