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Joshua Tree


Saquaro Trees

Drove through Phoenix this morning. Every city looks the same...too many shopping centers. All with neighborhoods of identical houses...blah/phewie!! Is that all we do anymore - shop!?

One thing I do like about this part of the world is they paint the columns and undersides of the bridges bright colors with traditional southwest designs...... some are even embedded in the concrete... Makes it feel warmer and friendlier..you know, for a road...

After driving on the interstate for days, we switched to a smaller route through the mountains of northwest AZ. Worth it...we passed through the Joshua Tree Forest. Odd trees.... they have a center trunk then limbs pointing out at any angle possible topped off with a puff of pointy spines. Some had a cone of little yellow flowers at the end of the puffs, but it looks like we missed the peak of the display..... Also all over the place were Saguaro Cactus....Huge ...I have never seen so many in one place ...they stick straight out of the desert, 15 plus feet, one arm going this way one going that way ...everything else is low and shrubby...just pointy prickly things sticking out of the desert as far as you can see...kool.

One section had huge random piles of massive boulders...kinda felt like an ants perspective of a stack of small stones....

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