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Surfers comming to big comp in Carrillo!

Brad hits the surf for the first time ever!

Brad and teacher from C&C surf school.

Some big waves roll in , not for me yet!

Hey I am doing it!!

Lesson 1 go straight into the surf.



Time to rest the body!!




Nice sunset , by time for a beer now!

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Uh, kinda big for a rookie...

(MP4 - 1.44 MB)

Catching a wave! Oh ya baby!

(MP4 - 3.49 MB)

Happy to get up on the board.

Yes its true. Today I took my first surf lesson at 48 years old. I think I did quite well as I got up the first 4 times in a row. I took the lessons here at the Tico Lodge through the C&C Surf School. The lesson cost 30 bucks U.S. and that includes a one on one with a pro type local surfer and a free T shirt and free board use for one week! My instructor was Shamooreal. I am not sure that is how to spell it that's how it sounds. He was very good and is a kick ass surfer dude. Even has dreadlocks to boot. LOL . Rox took a pile of pics and video´s of the lesson. Rox was in the big waves again today and loved it. We did dinner at the Gida Rest and split a fish dish for about six bucks. I pushed the budget by having a beer and 2 more beer at the ¨" Mother Africa" main street bar. This bar is owned by Pachette our local African surfer that also works for Chris at the Tico Lodge. To drum up business he stands in the middle of the street and smiles and waves at the few cars driving by. He knows everone in town and this works pretty good for him. He plays loud reggae music as you sip your beer under the warm start lit night. Pura Vida Brad

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