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It is amazing how fast 10 weeks passes! It is now time to depart SE Asia, but before we go, some closing thoughts:

The best food - Little India in Singapore. Runner up - anything Thai.

The biggest surprise - how (relatively) prosperous Malaysia is.

The least surprising - how wonderful people are everywhere you travel in SE Asia.

What we will miss - having a wonderful dinner for two for $6.

What we won't miss - the heat and humidity.

What we won't miss, part two - white rice.

What we will always wonder - how can anyone earn enough money to live pushing a cart selling a cup of home made ice cream for 10 baht (30 cents)?

What we will forever appreciate more - sidewalks.

What we look forward to - not needing air conditioning

Jill's what's-so-great-about-S.E.A., The Greater Mekong Region

- The food, food, glorious food

- Calm and peacefulness of buddisum

- Friendly smiles

- Fresh vegetables (Eggplant squash), savory spices (red bird chillies and tiny fresh green pepper), bright herbs (kaffir limes, lemongrass, tamarind leaf)

- Beautiful accomodation for nothing

- Traditional intricate clothing of the many different mountain tribes

- Interesting and extensive ex-pat presence

- Unhurried pace of life

- How technologically advanced it is for being a developing region

- Daily rituals

- How people can make protests seem like happy celebrations


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