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Today we had breakfast at the Sheriff's Rest on the beach just past the police station. Had eggs and tomatoes cost about 2.25 U.S. Rox had her new favorite a pineapple mango smoothie that costs 2 bucks U.S. I bought a Pippa coconut off a street vendor for 1 U.S. dollar , sucked out the juice and scraped out the coconut jelly. MMMM GOOD! Rox says that I am addicted to coconuts. But then again she says I am addicted to everything. I had a surf lesson planned today but it was cancelled as the waves were to big. Instead Rox and me went boogie boarding in the large surf. Rox had a blast and she can´t wait till tomorrow to go again! Rox and me were talking to Danyella at the Tico Lodge front desk. She told us some stories about drug runners passing through Samara Beach. Danyella said one day about 2 years ago a large military style jet boat beached up next to the police station and said they were needing some fuel. While they were off getting fuel the police checked the boat and found it full of cocaine. The drug men went for a ride and the boat stayed on the beach for 2 months. Every day when the tide came in the boat and engines were swamped. Danyella said it was sad to see such a nice boat go to waste. One other time 5 years ago she was walking on the beach at 11am and saw a huge power boat getting shot at by 2 police helicopters. She said it was like a movie! The boat blew up and the men jumped overboard to avoid the flames. Wow! She said she could not believe it happened in Samara Beach. I told Danyella we have our drug problems at home as well. Later on Rox me and Sarah went out for dinner at the Mexican Rest up the street. Sarah is 22 years old and is travelling alone. She has been to Costa Rica 2 years before on a school trip. She had to come back! Sarah had sushi and it cost her about 7 bucks U.S. We all has a few Imperial and then got a cab ride back for 2 bucks. Seems most of the workers in town live in a small town called Toredo about 15 min up the road towards Carrillo. These small places are not on the map. Most workers commute on motorbikes. Danyella dose her commute on a bicycle and she works 6 days per week 8 hours per day. She has to get some one to look after her kids as well , as her husband runs a charter fishing company. Pura Vida Brad.

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