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I saw this guy when I was walking Hunter this morning. It's...

Pickford isn't that pure Hollywood? er, Palm Springs?

I just love bougainvillea and had to stop. It's everywhere, of course,...

It's hard to see, but the tram goes straight up that mtn....

That's Palm Springs down there.

North Palm Canyon Drive through Palm Springs...the original main drag through town...and...

Main drag - Palm Springs

Palm Springs

This is how I remember Palm Springs' Main Street. No...not really!

The elements of Palm's just missing the wonderful mountains that enhance...

Frank Sinatra, Gene Autry, Fred Waring, Bob Hope, Dinah Shore, Gerald Ford,...

That's Bob Hope's house overlooking the entire valley

First I want to thank everyone who has left a message for me. Those messages and the support I receive from members on the NuWa Owners Forum (my 5th wheel manufacturer) give me motivation to carry on. More than once I've asked myself what in the h@%# (my grandsons' kindergarten teacher reads this :-)) am I doing? More than once I've questioned whether or not I'm really going to be able to pull this off. Will I be able to handle breakdowns/flat tires/wrong turns/you-name-it? Your support truly gives me just enough confidence to hook up and shift the truck into drive. Maybe not confidence, but at least determination. So many have said how brave I am. Well, sometimes I'm not brave at all. I remember the middle of my second day on my first horse drive. My legs and knees were in such pain that I had to dismount by dropping myself slowly with my arms while holding on to the saddle horn. I had to climb on one and then another bale of hay to get back on that horse. I knew I had nothing left and if my horse took a quick unexpected turn I'd go flying. The only speed the trail boss knew was fast...often a true gallop. I was scared...really scared, but I consciously decided I'd rather take the chance than to quit and tell my kids I couldn't do it. It wasn't was saving face. Some would say stupid, but ya know, I'd do it again. I finished that horse drive and it really changed my life for the next decade. Who knows, maybe that horse drive is what has given me the courage to do this trip.

Well, enough of that. I just wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate you tagging along with me. It's wonderful tonic and I thank you.

Today was just a cruising day up and down the main drag and up and down it again. The scenic four lane road (East Palm Canyon Drive) paralleling the base of the mountains makes Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Desert all look the same. Well, Palm Springs has its own little Main Street that even looks faintly similar to the one I remember from many years ago. Maybe the other towns have their Main Streets too but I didn't look for them. I drove up to the base of the tram but no way was I going to get on it! It was very, very steep...climbing from 2200' to 8500' at the top. Yeah, I am a TOTAL wuss when it comes to heights! My grandkids discovered that at a pumpkin patch of all places. Now that's embarrassing.

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