Life At The Tico Lodge! travel blog

On the road to Nicoya!


Cement by hand!

Down town Nicoya.

Don't hit the curb!


Nicoya shop,shop!



Out side church in centre of town.

1644 Church.



BIG doors!



Shop till she drops!


Pura Vida Rest Nicoya. Great food, locals eat here.

The bus back to Samara.

Nicoya Bus Stop.


Not always a seat.


Small comunity along the way.

One lane bridge!


Rox will not miss the bumpy ride.

He want to come for dinner!

Bonito * In english beautiful*

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The bouncy old Tico bus.

Today we took the Tico bus to Nicoya. It takes about 45 min and cost 800 colonies each. * 80 cents* Rox has been crying to go as there is a lot of women's clothing shops in Nicoya. Boy I just can't wait. So we did the shopping trip and Rox got a new top. It was funny as she is quite small in Canada but in Costa Rica the girls just pass her size 13, 14 or large. hahahha.. Then we went to see the historic church built in 1644 then lunch. Got the bus back in time for a swim at the pool for Rox and a boogie board for Brad at the beach. Then walk the sunset and off to the Wednesday night live music at the beach bar. In the true Samara spirit some horses were on the beach alone and one just came up to Rox to say hi... Pura Vida * simple life* Brad

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