Life At The Tico Lodge! travel blog

Horse just came and layed down!!

See the bee hive!

Jessie, Brian and Ed have gone home today. Last surf.

Who needs a boat!

Rox likes these plants... they are huge.

Local tour guide , check out the machetee..

Local Mex bar rest 1 km up the street.

Six bucks for this soft taco, maui, maui!!


Large plantain banana, vs reg banana..

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Tour company at Tico Lodge, Go Tyler. Brad in Movie Star Mode....

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Great food and fun place!!

(MP4 - 2.24 MB)

Dogs just jump in and let the waves run over themselfs...

We found our favorite food.....deep fried yucca plant and black bean re-fried bean dip. Yum!!!!!Followed up by a scrumptious chocolate banana split. All the ingredients are real and soooooo fresh......Yoga tomorrow morning....The food is just toooo good here, and now we are down to splitting meals as the portions are tooo much... As the sun started setting and cooling off out 5th shower of the day, we decided to walk towards Carrillo to a Tico community. There are quit a few homes along the beach, a bar, store, and soda. Chatted with a local tico guy who just tied up his horse outside the bar. Nice, happy and polite. He was a tour guide and we took his pic. We will try the soda this week as it should be real cheap and great food as we already saw the cascades. Bought two Smirnoff's and continued walking through the community to beach for another beautiful sunset......Then up a hill after the tico cowboy - tour guide and there we saw a tree full of monkeys all hangin by there tail´s too funny. Found an awesome gated resort on a hill over looking the ocean, the resort is called El Chocho Norteno.......Bonito.... Found the Mexican Restaurant, that is advertised all over Samara. Big screens with tico music videos and a disc jockey. Sat up at the bar with sunset and mucho humidity.. My body likes the heat.... and shared mahi mahi fish taco´s and they gave us tequila shooters on the house. great!!!!! Sol Azetca has amazing mex food and sushi bar. they gave Brad a carved out cuc filled with caviar to try, he liked it. Yuk!!!!!If you drive up they meet you as you open your car door to make sure your welcomed and stay......They are very polite with unreal service...... Cabed back to Tico Lodge as the road was black black black........Another shower and sown to the beach bar to say bye to some folks. Very hot, humid, beautiful Saturday night in Samara Beach.....Rox

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