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Katie our yoga teacher.

Local bar Katie works in part time.

Vultures on the beach.


Surprized with a Long Island iced tea.

Apples & yogurt , jungle mode Brad.

Hmm the bar life.

Fresh OJ 1 buck a glass!

Bosha (Defines kool. ) Works at Tico Lodge.

One of the many beach bars.

Local Super Market.

Some small cars down here.


Best deal in town on food!

Rox shows the name of the rest.

Carrillo ( The Gunanmar Hotel)

Carrillo ( The Gunanmar Hotel

Maurice.Carrillo ( The Gunanmar Hotel

Ahh, cold beer and warm wind , then this!


Carrillo ( The Gunanmar Hotel

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I love these birds!

Today we started out with breakfast on the deck. Coconuts and bananas with water. We had plans to meet Maurice for brunch at 1pm. So we headed out to Le Perls rest 1 km north of town. Here we all had fish with black beans, rice and some purple veg we thought could be cactus. Cost 5 bucks per plate. We all had fruit juice with water about 1.25 per cup. On the way back there was a small accident between a motorcycle and a truck. I checked the guy on the bike out and someone called 911. No ambulance came. I got 2 bags of ice form the local store on put it on the guys leg. He was hurt but no blood or road rash. May have a fracture , but he said they would get it checked at a doctor. They were all Tico´s so I had to find some one to do the English as I talked to the guy about the ice which he was not sure about putting on his leg. I found a translator and all was well. Every one thanked me for stopping and helping. I think he was lucky! Got home to the Tico Lodge pool and had a swim and beer. (Imperial) Next off to Carrillo to see the sunset from high on the hill at a fancy hotel called the Guanmar. Wow was it nice. Our cab cost 8 bucks ( Gilberto 83229600) took about 15 min to get there. We all had beer and it came with maui, maui seviche for 1100 colonies or 2.25 per beer. Nice. what a place , pics to follow. P.S. I have a new Rambo headband to keep the sweat of my face! Brad. Poem: Swinging in a hammack in Central America. The wind is loud and warm. In the distance the faint sound of howler monkeys reminds you your in a jungle. Branches swing like dinosaurs from the past, large, leafy,spikey. The smell of flowers is always present. Pelicans diving,squirrels shuffling,iguana´s basking and birds shrieking. Welcome to Costa Rica. Pura Vida my friend.

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