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It's only been a little over a day since my last update, but I figured I would write again while I had the time.

After updating yesterday, I switched hotels from my first night in Vang Vieng. I had arrived kind of late Sunday night and most places stated that they were full for the night so I had to get a $12 room for the first night. The next morning (Monday) I walked around town and bit and scouted out cheaper rooms and ended up finding one for $4. Nothing special, but it had a bed and a shower so what more can I ask?

At my new hotel I met a guy that was traveling alone and we decided to go tubing together. It is basically the main attraction in Vang Vieng - rent an inner tube and float down the river stopping at bars along the way. It is absolute insanity! There are bars lining the shores of the river and the people working at the bars literally fish for people. They throw out a plastic bottle tied to a string and tow you in to the dock or floating tables near shore. Almost every bar has some kind of rope swing or slide as well. I avoided these since the river was so low and didn't really feel like getting hurt! We stopped at a couple bars along the way - one called mud bar. It completely lived up to it's name. We played mud volleyball with a bunch of other people, hosed off and headed back to the river.

You had to get the tubes back by 6 or you didn't get your deposit back, so we latched on to a couple kayakers for awhile and paddled with our arms the rest of the way. Again the water is SO low, so there was little to no current. Quite a long paddle.

After a shower and some dry clothes we headed off to grab some dinner and met French girl and hung out with her the rest of the night. The restaurant was next to the river and you sat around a little table on pillows again. Good food and good conversation. The owner of the restaurant/bar has an 8 year old son that I noticed was hustling all of the tourists in pool. I also had my turn at being humbled, but it was a good game! This kid was amazing!

Today I woke up early to catch my ride down to the river. I decided to head down to Vientiane today (the capital of Laos) but there were two ways I could go about getting there. 1 - 6 hour mini bus or 2 - 1 hour mini bus, white water kayaking, 2 hour mini bus for about $20 more. Can you guess what I chose?

The white water had only one good set of rapids which was kind of disappointing, but again the river is really low. The one good set though was pretty crazy and the rest of the ride was a nice relaxing paddle with beautiful scenery. We (my guide and I) had lunch on the side of the river, went for a short swim and resumed paddling for another 2 hours. Needless to say I'm pretty tired now and think I am going to bed early tonight.

Vientiane in the next entry!

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