Life At The Tico Lodge! travel blog

Bringing in the beer at the

Playa Samara

Two man ultralite heli

Brad buys a new bracelet

Rox has a new hat! Thanx Kate!

Howler monkey over the pool at the Tico Lodge!!

Samara transportation.

Tripod, the dog with three legs.

Rox enjoys some local beer ......... need I say more.

Beach bar banyo , see the shared sink!

Nice bathroom walls!

Local beer hive.... bzzzzz

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 5.43 MB)

Right near the pool at the Tico Lodge. He was upset!

(MP4 - 1.12 MB)

My fav squirel , Its the size of a small fox!

(MP4 - 1.93 MB)

We´re havin a heat wave!

(MP4 - 1.59 MB)

Our fav beach front bar!

(MP4 - 4.98 MB)

I almost did myself in on this walk. Way to hot!!

(MP4 - 2.06 MB)

Watermelon for sale. Not a Sunami Warning!!

Today was just a lay around the pool day. We did do the big shopping trip. Yup , water , beer, avocados, chips and limes. About all we need right now. Big plans are yoga tonight at 6:30 sunset! Much cooler than the 9:30 am yoga classes.

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