Life At The Tico Lodge! travel blog

One of the pretty birds around town.

Ahh roach on the deck!

What can we say!


Inside the Spanish , Yoga center. Rox gets a free coffee.

Low tide , hard walk at North end of Samara.



Fresh water comming down to the beach.

Inside the internet cafe that I do my updating.

Cutting back the tree branches.

Heather's last day.

Clint's camera takes the handy zoom shots!

Our local eguana.

Look at this long tail. About 1.5 feet. Small fox...LOL

Get a deal here.

One small dorm style room at the Tico Lodge 35 night.

Our shower

Local backery! Rox likes the cafe leche.

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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B.B.Q. Beach. (Mel Gibson's Beach) One of them!

Yesterday we just hung out around the beach and chatted up friends around town. Rox went shopping and I got a new sun hat. A hat is a must down here in the mid day heat. It's so cool to have super warm bomby nights with hot wind. It never gets cold at all. Its different than Belize and Maui and Mexico. There is no coat needed ever. Can not wear a shirt only at night for bug protection.

Today we saw and got some good video of a howler monkey live over the pool at the Tico Lodge. They are so cool, they swing and fool around in the trees. Hence the saying monkey business! Seeing the Pelicans diving for fish as you are swimming very close to them is very cool as well.

We had a great dinner at Gida rest it was fajitas , rice and a whack of steamed veggies and for desert we had a coconut fruit flan with a strawberry and mint leaves on top of it. The strawberry was cut to look like a flower. Pic to follow. Desert cost 5 bucks and the meal was 10 bucks. So we split and there was lots. Brad

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