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Got up this morning determined to do more shopping. I booked a driver for safety to take me to the artisans market and wait for me whilst I shopped. He charged me 10 dollars an hours and it was worth it. The artisans market was an indoor arts and crafts market. I bought jewellery, shoes and a mat for the table from there. I then got the driver to take me around the port, which was OK. He then pointed to the steps that rise through the town to the top of a hill. It was a hike to the top, passing small bars and shops on the steps on the way. In all there are 444 steps to the highest point in the town. I walked to the top and saw the church and a beacon and a lovely view of the town and the port. it was worth it. the church, like the town is very young, so it was modern with glass windows but lacked the character of the other churches that I have seen. I walked back down the 444 steps and passed delivery men that were delivering crates of beer, three at a time, up the steps to the bars. i wouldn't want that job on a daily basis! My drive then took me to iguana Park, where there was another species of iguana roaming around the grounds, along with turtles and tortoises. The cathedral opposite was quite nice too, although I think I got crooked by a lady in the church who was smartly dressed and asked me for a contribution to the church (in Spanish of course). I gave her a dollar and then whilst walking around noticed that she only seemed to ask the North Americans for a contribution! Hmm... After my shopping I returned to the Hotel and had my Dennis Healey eyebrows done! i had supper in the hotel and started reading my new book on the travels of three young men in Tierra del Fuego.

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