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The Cruiser Crew lineup ready to enjoy some zip line and repelling...

Agave at the distillery loaded into the cooker

Gordon and Sherry on the malecon in Puerto Vallarta

Beautiful TV personality discussing President Calderon's arrival at the La Cruz Marina

Marching band practicing for the arrival of the President

From the "Night of the Iguana" movie set. Though filmed decades ago,...

At Mismaloya beach with Puerto Vallarta in the background

Beach at Mismaloya

One of the 70' sleds here for the Mex Orc big sailboat...

Common sight on the city busses. Mexicans LOVE music and share it...

President Calderon's yacht just astern

Hola Mr. Presidente!

Yep, he was looking right at us.....

Sayulita a great surfing beach

Peter teaching me some new camera techniques

The heart of a traveler palm in Sayulita

Wow, where to begin? Since we were bashed while at anchor in the 70+ knot maelstrom in La Cruz we have had lots of time to decompress, assess and enjoy our time here. Temporary repairs are complete. Because we decided to delay the adventure to the South Pacific for one year we are now on the slow track. No more lists of items to purchase, things to learn, provisioning for 2 months at sea (potentially) or maintenance items to rush through. Now we just enjoy the life of full time travelers.

To help us do just that, our new found friend, Peter aka Pedro, world traveler, cameraman, surfer, sailor and fellow Americano has spent much time with us having fun and teaching us to think and live like a traveler outside the box. Though he is 43, Mike calls him “The Kid”, due to his youthful perspective on life.

So as not to bore you with all the details of the happenings here I will just give you a brief rundown with lots of pictures this go round.

We enjoyed Valentine’s Day on the beach in Punta de Mita where I had a massage in a tent on the beach. We are now practicing Yoga almost daily with a wonderful teacher/fellow cruiser, Dorothy on Eagle. Hard to believe we didn’t start this years’ ago. Dorothy is a blessing to us all here. Peter gave us a tour of Bucerias for wonderful seafood and local shopping. We got to spend time with our family dentist, Gordon and his wife Sherry, who are here on their beautiful boat, Serenity, until they make the crossing to French Polynesia. Mike and I are both “Hamsters”, the name we affectionately give ourselves now that we passed the General License Exam to become HAM operators (high frequency radio). Last week we learned to travel via zip lines across canyons and repel down waterfalls in the Sierra Madre mountains with 8 other cruiser friends and stopped at a tequila distillery to top off the afternoon. Some time was spent with some genuinely great folks, many of whom are making the Pacific Puddle Jump to French Polynesia….biggest disappointment for us as we will not be joining them. A couple of bus trips to nearby Sayulita (cool/funky beach town) with beer on the beach were enjoyable. We have eaten lots of wonderful local fare including steaks at the new Bistro in town and the Black Forest German Restaurant. We took another bus trip to Mismaloya and Boca Tomatlan. The beach at Mismaloya is where Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor filmed the movie, “Night of the Iguana”. To top it all off, the marina has been under majorly FAST construction due to the President of Mexico’s arrival here to close the Mex Orc 2010 big sailboat races. Early this morning, there were 3 bus loads of Federale’s (Federal Agents), lots of military men with machine guns and many state police officers are everywhere surrounding the marina. Mike and I were in the Skybar area above the marina office this morning with the sharp shooters almost until the president arrived. Luckily they sent us away so we headed back to our boat. The President’s yacht was tied up just astern of us. When it pulled out, the yacht came within 50’ of our boat. As I was taking his picture I realized he was looking at me. So, I smiled and waved and he waved back (see my pic). I just can’t imagine ever getting that close to our Mr. President!

As an honorable mention - Gotta tell you about another President, Mr. Frank Butler, Owner of Catalina Yachts. Within days of our boat being damaged he sent us a personal letter stating he was glad to hear we were okay and is willing to assist us in any needed repairs when we return. Hard to believe how much he cares about the boats he makes and the owners that buy them. Thank you Mr. Butler, we appreciate your concern!

And Bob Nahm of Catalina Yacht Anchorage has our factory parts awaiting our return to California. We like dealing with the professional associated with Catalina Yachts.

So life here is good and in one more week we will head north back to Mazatlan when the swells lie down and anticipate taking an inland tour but more on that later. Adios!

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