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Tat Kuang Si waterfall y Tomas, before the swimming started

It's great fun, and the best part - the water is cold!

a bit of color at Kuang Si

a common sight at Kuang Si

Upper section of Kuang Si waterfall. Photo's of this only available from...

Leaves and Water, top of Kuang Si waterfall

Buddha, Tom and a flashlight deep in the cave near Kuang Si

Not sure what they are looking for or what this job is...

figuring out who is riding and who is walking up the hill

Just thinking about wearing a jacket while cycling increased our perspiration

local cafe and restaurant that we, unfortunately, did not have time to...

locals and tourists, all smiles

During our stay in Luang Prabang, every Tuk Tuk in town asked if we wanted a ride out to "the waterfall", some 38 kilometers outside of town. No one could believe that we actually wanted to ride bicycles that far. "Oh, very far" was the canned response. But what a treat. The narrow road gently undulated up and down through small villages. We were greated by the young and old along the way with waves and smiles and "Sabadee"! which means "Greetings, Hello" in Lao. The relatively cooler morning mountain air was almost as pleasant and the stunning views of florescent green rice fields that glistened above the water they sat in.

The last 3 kilometers was up-hill, which made our arrival that much more sweet. Fortunately, we were one of the first tourists there, able to enjoy the 3 tiered waterfall and many turquoise pools that sat below, begging for people to dip into. The scene conjured imagines from the movie "The Blue Lagoon", minus Christopher Atkins and Brooke Sheilds of course. Someone had built a rope swing and of course, Tom could not resist. It only took Jill 15 minutes of standing in the river-cold water before actually taking the plunge. Soon, the pools filled up with other travelers who had arrived by tuk tuk or car. Although refreshing, I'm certain it could not have been as rewarding.

After a few wonderful traditional, steaming hot, coconut mini-pancakes made by one the of sweetest older ladies we'd ever laid eyes on, it was back to the bikes. One bold tuk-tuk driver asked if we wanted a ride by simply saying, "tuk-tuk"? I replied, "Well, why would need a tuk-tuk when we have our bicycles"? His reply was simply, "Oh, very hot, very hot". I agreed, considered his offer for 2 seconds, laughed in amusement, politely said no thank you, and we were back on the bikes, heading "home".

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