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Larry got one pic Sunday before our old camera died on him!...

Larry had a terrific weekend. Fortunately, the predicted rain held off for both Nascar races so drivers and fans alike were overjoyed! Monday we spent the day together doing errands. Verizon has been offering both of us a new phone for the past year and since Larry's battery isn't holding a charge for long we decided to check it out. $65 for a new battery or a new FREE phone....hmmm....wonder what we should do? LOL Anyway, his new phone is waterproof and they tell us virtually indestructible. They guarantee it will ring/work even floating in a lake. Hopefully that will be an unnecessary feature!

Yesterday Onyx got a visit to the groomers while daddy visited the chiropractor for a second visit. He tripped on the cord coming up the 5'er stairs with a shop vac and sort of 'flung' himself backward. He didn't actually hit the ground but contorted himself in such a way as to put a few things, like his neck, out! Anyway, says he feels much better. Afterward he went and had the tires rotated at Big O. They were done within 20 minutes and came out to hand him the keys. He told them he hadn't paid yet and they replied "no charge today." Wow, that was a nice surprise!

We've been having a bit of trouble with our charging system so Larry took the truck to the Ford dealership a couple of weeks ago. They couldn't find anything at the time, but the light continued to come on occasionally. So, he took it back Friday and they rechecked it and found our alternator to be a bit weak. It wasn't totally gone, but we decided to replace it now. Yikes, $540 later and we were out of there. But, we just didn't want to risk being stranded in the middle of Arizona, miles from any good sized town. Especially when the 5'er would be stranded also and have to be towed in.

He also had the oil changed in the truck this past week, put a new anode in our hot water heater and fixed a leaky water coupling. Busy, busy, busy. Today we're repacking the basement for one final time (I hope!) and loading up the truck with things we've had stored in the garage while visiting here.

Looks like we'll pull out Friday morning. We're stopping in Phoenix for a night or two and then heading for Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood, about 20 miles outside of Sedona. One of our favorite places. You might remember that we spent our honeymoon there in 1985 so it has a special place in our hearts. Our friends Dick & Lou are staying near there also, arriving yesterday. They are members of Thousand Trails so will be down the road apiece. But we plan to hang out together for a couple of weeks. I'm ready to do some exploring!

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