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My shell collection - just from Jalama Beach








Rocky still helps us with the puzzles


















Don't you want me to hold you?






Rocky kneading his beloved blankie



Back to short hair





Once again, we have traversed the country road into Lompoc to do our chores and stock up on supplies. The ride into town just keeps getting more and more green and beautiful, if that is possible.


We are still enjoying life at the beach. Most other people come and go after a few days. Our friends, Colleen and Craig, are still up on top with us. The park is mostly empty but does fill up some on the weekends mostly with locals. John has met several people who have been coming to Jalama Beach for many years and it is interesting to hear about the changes it has gone through. He met a man who had met an Indian man who was 110 years old. He spoke about coming to Jalama as a boy of 10. That just boggles the mind.


There was another wedding on the beach and we also witnessed a funeral which was accompanied by a plane which flew over the beach, dropping the ashes of the departed into the surf. Every day is different in some ways and we never know what to expect.


We had another spectacular sunset last night but the beauty was enhanced by a large group of dolphins who were surfing and jumping in the pink waves. It just can't get better than that! We have seen a couple of whale spouts and our neighbors have all reported seeing spouts on different days.


The kids continue to thrive and they really seem to love the beach as much as we do. They are so laid back now that even when we start the rig and go down to the dump, they do not hide, but merely ride out on the floor, looking around cautiously. Before, they would hide, especially Mimi. Mimi now plays as much as Rocky does. For the first year we had them, she did not play, so I think that shows how relaxed she is. I wish they liked each other more but I think they are doomed to just tolerate each other, mostly because Mimi is basically a bitch. Rocky doesn't have a clue most times. He has fallen totally in love with the new fuzzy blanket we have on our bed and he will knead it for an hour at a time, totally lost in a trance. His favorite is to knead on John's leg after John goes to bed, trying to go to sleep.


Life continues to be Pretty Damn Nice and we are thankful for being able to live and enjoy this life. We continue to walk almost every day and usually do three miles. The knees still complain but they are hard to hear over the sound of the waves.

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