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Leaving Gorak Shep; fresh snowfall

Highest Internet Cafe in the world

Goodbye Base Camp

Yaks doing their thing

Rugged, beautiful mountains

Down the hill, on our way out

On our way to Pheriche

Pheriche; home sweet home

Sunrise from Gorak Shep

Up at 3 a.m. and hiking by 4 a.m. Am I nuts? I had to at least give it a try. Most of the group were up for the hike up Kalar Pattar where you can get a great view of Everest. It snowed during the night and it was really cold. The trail was slippery too. I was slow and last in line. We were a line of headlamps. I couldn't warm up my hands or feet no matter how much I rubbed and stomped my feet. Memories of frostbite on Kilimanjaro came back, and I turned around. Later Andreas (Norway) vomited and also turned back.

It took them 4 hours to get up, take pictures, and get back. Shelley (Ireland) got frostbite on her feet. They all looked really ragged when they got back, so I'm glad I quit when I did.

We packed up, had breakfast, and hiked up and down and up and down the glacial moraine, past Lobuche, past Memorial hill, and then descended to Pheriche. I started having difficulty breathing and was stumbling. At one point I started crying because I felt like crap. The coughing is wearing me out.

After we checked in our teahouse at Pheriche I told Tashi that I wanted to go to the clinic. The Himalayan Rescue Association runs a clinic here and I was seen by an Australian doctor. I told him I had pneumonia after the flu 4 years ago,and I've had bronchitis, and I was really concerned by how lousy I was feeling. Pulse:67, Oxygen Saturation: 86% (supposedly okay for this altitude), temperature: normal, Blood Pressure: 120/70 (pretty good so far). He listened to my lungs and said I had some bronchitis.

I got antibiotics and cough syrup. Today was really my lowest day. I actually thought about calling a helicopter to bring me to Lukla. After dinner I went to bed.

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