Life At The Tico Lodge! travel blog

Sand bugies!

On the tree at our morning breakfast pad.

Rox at the Samara mall.

Large humming birds here , note the hooked beak!

Green oranges, taste great!

Yum, Mangos!

The yoga center.



Uptown Resort (Puta Isilita)

Punta Islita (Rox´s Dream)

My Dream! Drive half under water with a snorkel kit!

Enter the dream resort. (Punta Islita) 300 per night.

Nice place for a mango marg!


Classy. 300 per night includes break, and ride to beach!

Today just shopped an putted about town. Its major hot and sunburn cream is needed the mometo that you awake. Later in the day I figured it would be a good time to rent a boogie board (Cost 2 bucks per hour). Well I just gave it all I had. The waves were good and I must have done 500 leg lifts pushing the board out to the surf. There were some 14 year old boys surfing and I was at least keeping up with them and passing them too! This is not how a 48 year old man should act. Yup, I was grabbing for the tylenal. So later that night Rox say to me how about comming to yoga? Seemed like a good idea to me. Cost 2 dollars per hour in a funky building on the Samara Beach Spanish property. Hey I could really use the streach on the musles. Uhh.. So here I am at yoga. About 15 really nice looking woman in great shape. And two men. One older yoya pro, and me. Whats worse than feeling stif and beat? Looking that way infront of all the woman. Man those girls can manipuate there limbs. It did not look humanly possilbe. Me on the other had....... well I tried! Brad

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