Arizona-Cave Creek 2010 travel blog

Camping in Escondito,CA


Carlsbad,CA at the ocean










house that almost fell into Cave Creek

Pichaco Peak State Park


climbing up

campground at Pichaco Peak




date palm grove, CA

Squaw Lake campground,CA







street fair in Yuma


palm oasis in Anza/Borrego Park,CA


We left on Feb 8 didn't have alot of cell phone service or didn't get to have wi-fi.

We stayed at Pichaco Peak State Park for a few days Rick hiked to the top. Too high for me. Then we went to Yuma and Squaw Lake Recreation Area in Calfornia. Nice lake, strange camping. We then left for Escondito,CA and Carlsbad,CA along the coast. Very pretty, nice camping. Next was Anza/Borrego State Park in Ca, nice lots of hiking, dry camping, some wildflowers were blooming, the palm trees were pretty. Then we went to Joshua Tree National Park. Can only put so many pictures on at atime. Will add more and text then. We are now back at Cave Creek for awhile.

The pictures of Escondito and the ocean got put before the ones for Pichaco Peak, too much work to change, sorry!

Rick and Rose

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