Life At The Tico Lodge! travel blog

After A Long Day Of Travell!

This Little Frog Can Jump 2 Feet High!

Best Western Liberia Art.

Small Frog could jump 2 feet straight up!

View out our back window onto a small farm.

Thanks to my buddy Clint I have a super zoom camera..... wow

Out the back window 48 times zoom.........

Our home for one night!

Hotel lobby they are raising Talapia , here they are feeding on...

Not a real dump at all....

Nice pool and hot tub.

Brad having rice and beans and checking out the view.

After having to get a flat tire fixed in Mill Bay and 3 airplane flights , 16 hours of travelling and a 20 min cab ride we were snug in our hotel in Liberia. Wheew

Hotel was very funky with a great all you could eat Tico breakfast of rice beans, fresh juice , coffee and eggs. For 59.00 per night you could not beat it. Nice pool as well.

There was a small frog under the sink. LOL It could jump 2 feet high. It was hard to catch , but I got him out.

In the morning I was a bit queesy. Just ajusting to the 97 degeee heat..... WOW!

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