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Pantawee Hotel – My home in Nong Khai.

Here the Talat Sadet, the Indochina market begins.

Inside the Indochina market.

The Nagarina.

More Lao Khao – rise whiskey.

The Indochina market again.

Bhudda is never far away. Here he is overlooking the Mekong River.

This posts marks the water level of the Mekong River. This years...

The sunken temple in the Mekong River.

This supposed to be a replica of the sunken temple out in...

Me in the Pantawee Hotel’s swimming pool.

Absolutely the best place to be when the temperatures almost reach 40°C.

The Rimkhong Road – the small bar street in Nong Khai. After...

Nong Khai riverside in the evening.

One week every year Nong Khai have a street market.

Even the Thai Post has a tent in this street market.

The street market at night.

27 February.

Finally after in all about 300 km on the road, I arrived to Nong Khai. I have already realized that this day was not good for travellers. A weekend coming up and obviously it is also a red day in the Thai calendar, so it is not only me travelling, a lot of Thai people are also on the roads.

28 February – 7 Mars.

What I thought to be a 4-day’s long stopover, became rather soon 6 day’s and in the end it became 9 day’s. My time here in Nong Khai and Pantawee Hotel has been absolutely fantastic. 9 day’s with mostly rest and relaxes, no excursions or daytrips. During this week, the temperatures been going up, maximum temperatures about 38-39°C every day. Then it has been very nice to have a swimming pool on the premises; there I could spend my time during the hottest hours in the afternoons. The only excursions that I have been doing during this time have been on walking distance from the hotel. I have seen the Mekong River, Talad Sadet – the Indochina market and one other big street market. I could easily stay here for a longer time, but tomorrow I go to Laos.

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