Panama and Colombia - Winter 2010 travel blog

Linda in her garden


View from my hostel

Lunch at a French crepe restaurant

El Explorador garden (+ next 7)








Last week was a short 3-day week at the school because of Carnaval. Time just flew. There was a third student in the class, a woman from Chicago.

I spent most of Tuesday with my new friend Linda, a woman from Quebec City that I met in the Saturday conversation class. Not only does she speak French but she's also very close to my age, a rarity in Boquete.

We had lunch and dinner together Tuesday, as well as Saturday, and dinner Friday as well. She´s a part time resident of Boquete (with her boyfriend) and she showed me her rental house. Great views from up there. For the lunches we were joined by another couple (Colette and Kenneth from Ottawa) and their friend Francoise. The two women spoke French but not the husband. :) So while this is all very nice, it does not help me practice my Spanish. There are too many foreigners in this country.

On Saturday, my last day in Boquete, Linda and I visited El Explorador, another garden in the hills around Boquete. This had to be the most whimsical garden ever, decorated with old discarded items (all with faces drawn on) and quotes in Spanish. We were soon joined by the two resident cats.

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