Roman's trip to the andes - spring 2010 travel blog

Cruz del Condor

Still smilling

So close - if you were a condor

Finally arrived

Sweet dog

Not anymore smiling


Oasis Pool

Palm trees


Uff....I am nearly dead.....

I just finished a three day trip to the Colca Canyon, the worlds deepest canyon.

Was quiet hard, had to get up at 3am, then we drove up to the canyon for nearly five hours, using roads where you realize that a car has suspension ;-) On the way we stopped at Cruz del Condor, a place where you have a magnificant view down to the canyon, and you can watch Condors enjoying the nice thermal lift that can be found here. Unfortunately its not condor season, they have all left to the beach for holidays....

Arrived then to Cabanaconde, where we started to descend into the canyon, down 1200 meters for some five hours. Stayed at a very basic lodge, they dont have even electricity there....

Next day we went on four hours to the place called Oasis - if you see the pictures you know why its called that way ;-) Well, I think everybody arriving there has deserved relax himself at one of the pools ;-)

Last day I was most worried - we went up at 5am, climbing uo the canyon to Cabanaconde for 1000 meters in three was really hard....

BUT - the canyon is amazingly beautiful - its view rewards for all the pain you go through....

Finished the day in a nice hot spring ;-)

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