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Mekong river at Sunset, Lao in the background

A fellow traveller from Nong Khai

Take us anywhere, just keep this songthaew moving as it's hot!

Tourists take pictures of the funniest things!

"Where do you go"

"We don't know"

"Where do you stay"

"We don't know"

"Oh, trishaw here if you need"

"Thank you"

If Lao wasn't right across the Mekong River, Nong Khai would be a sleepy little river side village. Since it is on the main route to Lao, it is a bustling place. And there is no shortage of people to help you get from one place to the other. Nevermind that it is not hard to figure out on your own, it just that, well, there just may be an easy Baht or two to be made out of the deal.

Sitting at the plaza overlooking the Mekong was the highlight - OK, the food afterwards was pretty special too, but to just sit and watch locals do what they do as life passed and the river flowed was quite memorable.


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