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" Sure, use the pool and if they ask any questions, give them our name or room number".

So the following morning , Julia followed Peter and Sassi's suggestion and had a great day sitting poolside (a fabulous pool nonetheless) at the Hilton. We suspected that the price to stay at the Hilton (based soley on the size of the pool and number of attendants) was more than the $20 we were paying at our place! Tomas went to the "regulars" beach, and met Julia for "happy hour". Of course it wasn't at the Hilton, not even the proper guests were doing that.

There was a much better bar overlooking the water with a great "scene" going on behind us - right next to the Hilton (and full of Hilton guests from the look of things).

One benefit about being in a foreign county not frequented by English speaking guests is that you cannot understand any of the all too loud conversations. Because, if we could, it is pretty certain we would find them most annoying. As it is, we equate it to background music. And not bad music at that.

Hua Hin is a tourist town - foreign (mostly scandinavian) and local. It was "redeveloped" as a tourist town and as we were told "they spent lots of money fixing it up, even putting in sidewalks". Well, this is two tourists that are certainly grateful for that added feature!

After a few days, even with fantastic seafood and a great sea view, it was time to press on - northern Thailand and Laos beckons.

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