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We finally extracted ourselves from Pangkor, after one week, and headed north to another island, Penang and the large town (massive compared to Teluk Nipah) of Georgetown.

It was too much! We figured the next town after 8 days on the beach would be tough. And Georgetown was tough.

But then we met a woman from North Carolina traveling with her two kids, while her husband is in Iraq doing military things. We had lunch with them our first day, traded travel stories and then saw them walking on the street the next day.

"How are things going?"

"Not so good, Rory is in the hospital possibly with appendicitis" was the reply.

A relatively long conversation ensued and it was determined that we could not do anything to help at that point, so we said our goodbyes and departed the following morning, after leaving Rory a "Get Well Soon" card. And our issues with Georgetown seemed less than insignificant.

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