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After being messed about the day before by the tour company, I decided to go on a trip with the pension where we where staying.

Andrew didn't want to come on the trip, he wanted to go down the cost to Olympos and a place where flame comes out of the mountain.

So we split up for for the day. I left the pension at 9am with an American Lady and a Lady from Japan. The driver of the car was one of the owners of the pension. He was one of the most careful drivers that I have ever travelled with, and in Turkey that is good thing. He drove about 20km below the limit and even pulled over to let a learner driver past because he didn't trust him.

Soon we arrived at our first stop which was themessos (spelling). It is a ruin on top of a mountain range and the road only went part of the way up the hill, so guess who did a lot of walking. The ruin is an ancient city that blocked the pass from the south coast of Turkey to the centre of Turkey. It is the only city that Alexandia the Great did not over run. He tried for two days and left. The city was amazing, it has not been excavated or any trees removed because it is in a national park, so basically it is just how it was found 100 years ago. They have a theater that looks down the valley to Antalya about 30km away (you can tell why they where so hard to defeat, they could see everyone coming). After walking up and down to all the areas and after 3 hours we where back in the car.

Next stop was the Dudion waterfalls. It is a wonderful site where you can walk in behind the waterfall. We where only there for about 40 min then back in the car and off to Perge.

This was the place we where supose to go the day before so I had high expectations of it. It is a ruined city that was first settled in the 12 century bc, although most of the ruins are from roman times around 1st to 2nd century ad. It has a wonderful theater and also has a stadium. It was a little overgrown which was a dissapointment but it was still worth the effort to go.

We got back to the pension about 4.30 and I was recked. Had a shower and sat in the court yard of the pension looking for a beer or two. Met two Aussies and talked to them for about 3hrs till Andrew got back (turns out that the buses that where he was going to catch didn't exist, so he walked about 40km) Who is happy that they went on a different tour? Me!!!!

We went out to dinner with the Aussie couple and then had some more beers back at the pension. When we where at dinner I realised that I had forgoten to get my ATM card out of an ATM two days earlier (the card comes out last). Sat up for a couple of hours till I thought mum would be up and I rang her to give her the bad news and get her to cancel my card.

Finally in bed by about 1.30am with loads on my mind.

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