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Black Bear along Highway 101 on our way to Copalis Beach, WA

Purple Rhododendron at Elks Club in Ocean Shores, WA

The Elks Club displayed lots of "Rhodies"

Beautiful Rhododendrons abound in this area

More Rhododendrons in a local RV Park

View of Pacific from our front window

We left Ilwaco Tuesday morning, headed for Copalis Beach, WA, with Suzy driving the motorhome. She's our primary driver, while I read the map and scan the countryside. I spied a bear in a clearing along Highway 101. Suzy managed to pull the rig onto the nearly non-existent shoulder so we could take a better look. Yes, it was a black bear, and it posed for a series of pictures.

After nearly a week at our RV park in Copalis Beach we weren't impressed at all. This is a summer resort area, and it's still spring. We've even thought of moving on, but the campsite costs us nothing but $1 a night for electricity.

We've decided to make the best of it. Our #1 computer has decided to rebel, so we are working to get as many of our files off the hard drive as we can, especially the recent photos that have not yet been transferred to CD disks. We have moved files to CDs, only to find that Suzy's computer (nicknamed "Senior" because it's older than the one I use) cannot read many of them! Drat! We'll work it out, we'll work it out, and you'll have pictures pretty soon. At least at this park we have cable Internet access and could get some text update information to you. (NOTE: photos were added May 13, 2005.)

Saturday night we had dinner at the Elks Club, and followed that with Sunday Brunch. Some will say we joined the Elks for "the wrong reason," the availability of using their RV sites for a small cost. We don't accept that, because we agree with many loyal Elks that we are actually supporting the work of the Elks Club throughout the country as we travel. We eat at the local Elks Lodge periodically, we do stay in their RV sites for a few dollars a night, we have a beverage in their bar, and we support the Elks charities whenever we can. Our dues dollars and our local participation are important to the club, and we won't be ashamed that we aren't "going through the chairs" of office and doing all the things that local Elks can do.

But what about the "funny thing" that "happened on the way to Alaska?"

It was Sunday night, the end of the first sunny day at Copalis Beach. We'd taken a run up the coast to see what was there, and we were now at home and in bed. At 11:00pm I woke up a little to turn over and suddenly felt what seemed to be a pulled muscle in my left shoulder. But it was sharper and more severe than I had ever felt before, and it began radiating to my chest and down my left arm! When an ice pack failed to help at all, I asked Suzy to get me four baby aspirin and to call 9-1-1, because I didn't like what I felt.

Within twelve minutes the first of four emergency vehicles arrived at our site, lights flashing but no sirens. The EMTs were fabulous, and within another 45 minutes we were at Gray's Harbor Community Hospital, 22 miles away in Aberdeen. Suzy followed in the car along unfamiliar narrow highways in the rain. I'd never ridden in an ambulance before, and I never want to again. The service and care were great, but the incident wasn't my choice for a road trip.

Two days in the hospital for testing showed that I hadn't had a heart attack, had no heart disease, and evidently no arterial blockage. I guess I just pulled a muscle after all. Thank God for that!

So now it's Wednesday and we have to do our laundry, wash the dishes, and generally get ready to travel tomorrow to Olympia and the Lost Lake RV Park where we'll resume ... Our Life on Wheels.

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