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ANZAC Day Parade on Swanston Street

Transport Bar, Federation Square

We haven't had much success in our two weeks here in Melbourne this time. Turns out that no backpackers arrive in Australia at this time of year, obviously because winter is just starting, so nobody wanted to buy a car. We put up about thirty posters and got not a single phone call.

Fortunately we bought it from a dealer here in November so we had somewhere to return it to. They wouldn't give us much for it but at least we got rid of it. Next challenge was to sell all the camping gear. This was also fairly unsuccessful except that KMart and Big W don't seem to care where you bought something or that you've had six month's use out of it, so we got some money back for a couple of things and our blow-up mattress became Doug's coat and a Kylie CD!

We haven't done much except for stressing about selling our stuff. Last Monday was ANZAC Day when the Aussies and Kiwis remember and commemorate their armed forces both past and present. We were up before 5am for the dawn service at the War Memorial and then watched the parade of ex-servicemen which was very moving. We met up with Pam and Russell (the poor unsuspecting Aussies who took us in when we first arrived!) that day so we had lunch in Chinatown afterwards with them.

Melbourne has been, as usual, buzzing with various events, including a Spanish market, Dutch Orange Day (not sure what that was all about!) and an exhibition of Kylie's clothing - slightly bizarre but interesting, Kylie is from Melbourne so they're very proud of her and her outfits!

That's about it really, we've done some wandering around, a couple of museums and a fair bit of coffee drinking. It's been great to be back in Melbourne again and we certainly feel more at home here than any other city in Australia. Although this could be because we've spent the most time exploring here so know it better. We'll be a bit sad to leave tomorrow since we may never be back here again but looking forward to a few days in Sydney for Doug's birthday.

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