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A really cool temple

At the sultan's palace

The most ignored sign in Bangalore

Along the street

Bins of flowers for garlands

Selling flower heads by the kilo

Outside the market

I spent the day sightseeing around the city. The area where I am staying, Majestic, is a $1 motorcycle rickshaw's ride from the fashionable area which is called MG Road, short for Mahatma Gandhi Road. MG Road is pretty much like the fashionable areas of large cities in any developing country. Not too interesting to me.

After leaving MG Road I visited a very cool temple and took part in a service that was underway. No one seemed to mind. When I came out of the temple, my shoes were gone. It turned out they take them to a "shoe minding" area where you can retrieve them for 1 rupee, about 2 cents.

After the temple I went to the Tipu Sultan's Palace where a young couple and I took turns taking pictures of each other.

I then walked to the large city market. It is very frustrating that no matter how many pictures I take I can never capture the feeling of this place.

I have seen very few caucasian foreigners. Yesterday I saw one, a girl from NY. I met a very nice couple from Canada who were born here so there might be India born people who now live other places, but there does not seem to be too many tourists. I saw a few more today in MG Road.

I am taking the night train tonight to Puducherry. It is a 9 or 10 hour trip. I love trains and hate buses so there was no choice in how to travel.

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