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Hiking the jungle trails in Cameron Highlands with our new international friends

Pretty flowers abound

Tom and the "drain pipe" waterfall!

Cameron Highlands Colorburst

Tea plantation

Orchids and tea leaves

It was time to escape the heat and head to the mountains. For those of you yet to visit Malaysia, that place is called the Cameron Highlands and our new home for the next few days was in the town of Tanah Rata (you can skip the town of Ringlet, but that's another story!).

Besides having warm sunshine during the day, a late afternoon thunderstorm and gloriously cool evenings, it had the notoriety of have numerous "jungle walks" that are "poorly marked" - someone got lost in 1967 and was never found. Nowadays, it's a great selling strategy for hiring a guide. But as Gerard, the manager of our guesthouse said - "if you can find the start you will be fine!" One hour later, we found the start to our chosen trail - a simple sign would have made such a difference!

A slightly challenging start and then we were at the junction where we met a couple of Canadians, two Germans and an Aussie that was impossible to understand! Even the Canadians furrowed their brow every time he spoke. After a short break we all agreed to hike to the summit. Julia and Tomas knew it was a hard stretch, the rest of the group - no idea.

Steep, a bit muddy and a lot sweaty, we made it to the top - high fives and photo's all around. We took the short way down - even steeper, but downhill is a bit easier with the steep stuff and later that evening met up with the group at the "Jungle Lounge" - replete with a huge firepit and a pool table. Now we don't need to go into who was at the firepit and who was stuck at the pool table, but once again, it took a while to extracate ourselves and dinner once again occured around midnight.


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