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John getting ready for his test











The rock John was sitting on was so pretty


Mandy lives next door with Judy and Mitch





Low tide



Kat!! Linda!!!


Mandy was banished to the inside where she hugs her toys



Calvin, who lives with Mary and Henry









It just keeps getting prettier and prettier





Moonlight on the ocean



Looks like a storm approaching


Our neighbors gave me an empty jar for shells- how long will...

One day's find










Missile launch from Vandenburg on Sunday




John with Calvin, who lives with Mary and Henry


Our top dweller neighbors





Another month has come and gone. We now only have two more months to go at Jalama. We have continued to enjoy watching the waves and the surfers and the occasional dolphins in the surf. The sea lion made another appearance and we saw another seal. The full moon on the surf this past few days has been spectacular. We have enjoyed extremely low tides which have enabled us to walk once more down to the point. Some of the sand has returned, although the beach changes every day. Life continues to be good and we have no complaints.


We have been sitting outside with our neighbors to watch the sunsets each evening. We are lucky to have a get group of people staying up top with us. Last night, Mary, Henry and Calvin left but not before feeding all of us "top dwellers" a feast of grilled chicken salad. They had intended to have a missile watch party but the scheduled missile launch from Vandenburg went off before we all got together.


We are in town for chores and I will post my pictures up through yesterday evening.

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