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Well, we got everything done we had intended to at Starlight Solar. Then, the next morning, Murphy's Law struck. Our chassis battery (the battery used for starting the engine) had given us some trouble in cold temperatures. We had Larry do a simple check and it seemed to be ok. Well, when we went to leave Larry's parking lot Tuesday morning the battery just would not turnover. Again, thank goodness this happened now and not on the road in Canada or Alaska.

This battery is HUGE. Many rigs have two regular sized batteries. Our rig has this humungous monster. It had to be ordered and will be here on Friday.

We found what turned out to be a very pleasant rv park called Shangri-La RV Park. For $25 a night we had water and electric. We were literally parked a the end of a row in the street. They do this throughout the park and everybody seems to be ok with it. It certainly brings in extra revenue. The people were very friendly and everybody walked a lot. The only negative was the black asphalt. It was really black and rubbed off. I lined the steps with a couple of rags and an old towel to cover the landing so we would not transfer that nasty black stain. A nice shopping mall was right across Hwy 8 and a mile down the road was a brand new Super Walmart.

On Thursday, we went to the Arizona Marketplace looking for 'Lyle' the propane heater guy. He had been recommended by several sources to install the connections we wanted for our new "brick" heater. He came out Friday evening and tapped into the propane where our hot water heater is. This is located at the center of our coach. He installed a shut-off switch and a quick disconnect. He also fashioned a 12 foot and a 5 foot length of hose to give us maximum flexibility for placing the heater. J.C. tried it the next morning and it is going to be great! It is quiet and has a thermostat. We are very happy! It is a really nice gentle heat. I know that sounds kind of strange, but I don't know how else to describe it.

The Arizona Marketplace is located on E 4th S Street just off of 32nd Street. It is a giant open air swap meet/flea market. There are 1000 tent booths. Not all of these are occupied all the time, but there are a lot of them. The marketplace is open Thursday thru Sunday. We bought a couple of small things. We were kind of shopped out having just come from Quartzsite.

I had gone shopping at the Fry's Grocery Store just across the freeway from our rv park. While there I also had my haircut at a shop called Cost Cutters. I got one of the best haircuts in a very long time. LOL. Yea! I also checked out some of the other stores and found Foothills Shoe Store. The store happened to be the store in Yuma that sells the Z-Coil shoes.

So in I went. After some discussion I first tried on a shoe called MBT Exercisers. It is similar to Sketchers Shape-ups. These shoes are lower profiled not forcing the foot to rock back and forth so severely. They also have more cushioning. The Shape-ups hurt my big toes which do not flex anymore due to the numerous foot surgeries I have had. I really liked them. Then, I tried the Z-Coil. Wow! Absolutely not knee pain. I tried the Exercisers again and then tried the Z-Coil again. I could not make up my mind. At $245 a pair, I did not want to make a mistake. Well, the made me an offer: They rang up $200 as a deposit and let me take both pair home. If I wanted to return them, I had to make that I walked only on carpet.

Well, when I got home I put some painter's booties on the shoes and hiked around the park. I did this with both pair. I still could not make up my mind. Both pairs were wonderful, but I would be wearing them for different kinds of walking. The Z-Coil's were wonderful for hiking in rugged terrain, wandering around slow shopping and standing in place doing laundry. The MBT Exercisers are best for all those brisk walks, power walks, and getting from here to there. They are shoes that take a little getting used to because they exercise the calves, buttox, back and actually the whole body. Don't plan on wearing them for hours the first couple of time until your body gets in shape with them.

At J.C.'s urging, I got both pair. Ouch, but I have troublesome feet and need special shoes. The shoe store owner was great!. First, letting me take them both home to try out. Second, she gave me a 10% discount...that was $50. It helped. So far, I have not regretted my decision.

We boondocked in Starlight's parking lot again on Friday after the new chassis battery was installed. Saturday morning, we headed for Gila Bend to meet up with our Boomer frineds for our Mexico adventure. We stayed the night at Augie's RV Park. $25 for full hookup and I needed a laundry room. This is a large, gravel lot and has nothing fancy. The sites are large and a lot of them are pull-thru's. The best thing about this park is the water is reverse osmosis. What a treat! We filled our fresh water tank and will try to make it last when in Mexico.

Today, Sunday, we moved to the Elks Lodge a mile down the road at 11 am. Then one by one the rest of our group started to come in. The latest count is that there will be 11 rigs. We are all so excited. We have half the week already scheduled with a dinner cruise, a fishing trip, a city tour, happy hours and that's just he beginning. We will be leaving as a caravan tomorrow morning at 8 am. The icing on the cake is that J.C.'s mom and two sisters (Marie, Kat and Teresa) are joining us. They rented a condo which is located right next to Play Bonita, the rv park where we will be staying.

Stay tuned...we are anticipating having way too much fun!

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