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Sun arise...early in the morning....







East Cape lighthouse

Chicken stir fry sizzling away


Morning dawn light

We woke up at about 3.45am so we had time to drive to the East Cape lighthouse and climb the steps before the sun started to rise. The road to the lighthouse was all unsealed and very close to the edge where there was just a drop into the sea, although luckily it wasn't too high! Also I didn't realise how close it was to the edge until we came back in the daylight!!

We climbed up the 700 odd steps with a crowd of other people - bit of a struggle at that time in the morning without any food or a cup of tea!! There were quite a few other people there and we all settled down and found a spot to sit.

It took a while for the sun to rise, it was supposed to be at about 5.30am. The sky went orange/pink and it got lighter and I assumed that was it but then the huge ball of fiery orange began rising up from the horizon! It just got more and more stunning and big and bright!! It was magical :) There we were, some of the first people in the world to watch the sun rise on a new year, a new decade even. Awesome!!!

We had our cup of tea and took hundreds of photos. Then we had some cereal we had brought with us!! After we had admired the new dawn light we slowly drove back to the campsite and went back to bed for a few hours! We woke and cooked up a big, impressive fried breakfast which was very well received! After pottering around for a while we decided to hire some sea kayaks from the campsite. While we were waiting for them we sat and watched some men bring their fishing lines in and saw what they had caught - a few fish and some crabs!

The sea kayaking was fun and we did some sea surfing where we came in on the waves! It was brilliant. I got a little scared when we were trying to paddle back to one end of the beach and the wind was so strong, I thought I would get blown out to sea and not be able to paddle back. I managed though and it was fun :)

We then got ourselves ready to make a fire on the beach and cook our dinner!! How exciting! It was a little windier than we were expecting and it took us a number of matches to light but once it was lit there was no stopping it! The wood on the beach was so dry and burned like a dream. So we started with the cooking, chicken stir fry! The fire cooked the food so fast. It was delicious even with the extra crunchy sand added!! We cooked a banana with chocolate for pudding and then I had some hot chocolate and Karen had tea :) It was brilliant, I never thought we would be doing that!

What an amazing start to the year! Is the rest of the year going to be as action packed and excellent as this? I hope I haven't peaked too soon :)

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