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Whatakane Harbour

Having lunch

Sacred rock where the treaty was signed

Views along our drive

Maori meeting house or marae

Church at Raukokore

Coastal views

A town / village we passed through

Bonfire on the beach by the campsite

Fireworks at midnight Happy New Year!

What a stormy night!! The wind was so loud I thought it was going to blow our swimming costumes off the washing line and the goats would eat them!! Luckily they didn't! We had a lovely breakfast and then some of Sarah and Giles's friends arrived and we got ready to leave.

We headed off and we were on our journey!! We were heading along the East Coast road to Whatakane and then on to the East Cape and Te Araroa. When we got to Whatakane we went food shopping and then found a lovely place to have lunch by the harbour. We got the rug out and everything only later to find that hundreds of sticky grass things had attached themselves to it and needed picking off individually - so annoying!

We headed back into town to see the special rock where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. I also bought a few CDs for our road trip. Off we went again on our journey along the East Coast Road.

It was a long drive but the scenery was stunning. Right along the coast for much of it, twisting and turning to see more blue sea and bays. We stopped off at various points of interest to see churches and Maori carvings and buildings. All very pleasant. Eventually we arrived in Te Araroa. As with many of the places we had passed through there were only a few buildings that made up the village/town.

The campsite seemed lovely and we set about putting the tent up for the first time. We put it up and were then desperate for dinner. We set up the stove and went to plug the gas bottle in, except it was the wrong connection - the stove wouldn't fit onto the gas!!! Aaaah! How were we going to have our dinner?! Luckily there was a basic kitchen at the campsite and we used that for our dinner. We were definitely ready for it when it was cooked!

By the time we had cleared up and got our beds ready it was 11.30pm. We wandered down to the beach where the people who ran the campsite were having a big bonfire. At midnight there were fireworks. We headed to bed soon after so we could get some sleep before our very early start to see the sunrise!!

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