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The wonderful Beene Family...

The rain has arrived. And arrived and arrived! It poured all day yesterday until many of the streets were totally flooded, some impassable. We were worried about Bonnie making it home from work okay and were relieved when she finally arrived safe and sound. Today it's been sporadic, although it is raining now. I know much of the country is suffering with mild to severe weather issues, so I hope this finds all of you safe and sound!

We were blessed with a special service at church Sunday with a visiting group, the Beene Family. Larry and I own many of their CD's and DVD's and saw them here in concert last year. We were thrilled that they stopped here in Vegas today. We spoke to the oldest brother Shandon and he told us he had driven their traveling bus in from Palm Springs, arriving at 3am. They sang at all 3 services today beginning at 8am. Now that's commitment! You can check them out at the link below if you like. I know their music will bless you as much as it does us!

The Beene Family

Yesterday, Larry stopped at Walgreen's to pick up photos. One of our close friends paints, and she asked permission to paint a few of the pictures taken during our travels. How nice, I can't wait to see them when done! I have to tell you, they looked pretty good printed....much better than when posted on our journal! I may frame a couple myself, LOL...

Anyway, as he exited the truck, a guy called out "how's that fulltime RV'ing working out for you?" Larry did not recognize him and felt like he hadn't met him before. Turns out he's been following our blog for a couple of years and recognized Larry from our pics! How cool is that? He introduced himself as Steven and Larry says he's a nice guy. And that's all I know...It's times like that, and lunches with folks like Gene and Georgia, and comments from you, our readers, that make the time and effort involved in posting this worthwhile. So to all of you, thanks! We really appreciate it....

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