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Monfumo hills again

Zio Rino's house

Picnic rest time

No time for rest - lets find frogs!

Success - frogs

The boys with their second cousin Asia

Helen playing with Ryan so he will leave the boys alone.

Bruno and Roberto and the hills

Helen and Zia Clara

Nonna and the boys

Out with friends for another dinner


Rest time

Monfumo Italy

We headed back to Monfumo and the beautiful green Italian hills.

We caught up with Helen’s Zii (that’s plural for uncle and aunt) and the Nonni again.

We washed clothes, rested, chased frogs and caught up with more Italian family and I cannot neglect to say – consumed plenty of great food and drink. I cannot communicate well, so everyone just keeps giving me more food and drink, especially the lemoncello. It is such beautiful countryside!

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