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Hong Kong. It's electric!

A view from the top. Victoria Peak.

Looking stealth

All in a morning's work

After a spot of afternoon tea at the lovely Peninsula Hotel

Where's the beef?

Hello Kitty

Kung Fu master in Kowloon Park

"Can I help you?"

Both Jill and i looked up without saying anything, eyed the questioner and decided he wasn't trying to sell us something. He certainly did not appear to be selling anything

"Yes, we are looking for someplace to eat", Jill replied.

"What kind of food?"

"Noodles, vegetables, or soup (she left out the "no mystery meat part".)

In a matter of minutes we were eating a steaming hot bowl of vegetable noodle soup, but he had already left and our sincere "thank you" prior to his departure seemed inadequate.

Hong Kong is a crowded place, and a very very crowded place on the weekends. And if India is ever looking for where all their tailors, or knock off watch sellers went, we'd suggest looking in Hong Kong first!

One place that seemed to cram in loads of people with seemingly few problems was the hk jockey club, the off track horse betting locale. Tomas visited and managed a bet for the fifth race, and watched his horse "brother in arms" lead wire to wire in an amazing display of rambuctiousness turning into a beautiful stride.

But a quite peaceful place is the hike to Victoria peak. Seems almost everyone else takes the tram, but the steep inclines did not deter us and the hike down, a lot easier.

That said, we have been in Hong Kong for 4 days now and have not yet stepped foot on an unpaved piece of earth! Hopefully soon. Probably in another country.

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