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We took a drive round the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula. It really is a lovely area and seems have everything - a rugged coastline with wonderful beaches and fishing harbour towns, and also a lush rural inland - quite a lot for a small strip of land approx 1 hour long x half hour wide!

Boy was it hot though! The temperature reached 47 C during the day and was still mid-30s at 9 pm in the evening. When we returned to our cabin everything in there was hot to touch - walls, furniture and even the bottle of red wine we had left out so that it would stay at "room temperature"! Part of the state of Victoria were so worried about the risk of bush fires that they issued the highest level warning - "Code Red Catastrophic Risk", which apparently means that they are so sure fires will occur that people living in the affected areas need to evacuate the region, even before a fire starts!

Yesterday, whilst touring the Yarra valley, we passed through a town which was affected by the dreadful bush fires last year when 300 lost their lives. Although the trees and plants are already starting to grow back, we saw the rows of temporary housing in which the people are still living.

Anyway, I am digressing, back to our Mornington Peninsula trip. We went snorkeling with a guide who was a marine biologist. We figured that, with his knowledge of the area, we would see a lot more than on our own - that proved to be partly true! In the event, we were a little disappointed by the general lack of sea life, especially compared with our experiences in Thailand and Malaysia. However, we did see one amazing thing which made the whole trip worthwhile - a Giant Stingray! Size-wise it certainly lived up to its name, although we decided not to stick around too long to test the validity of the second part of its name!

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